IVA Garden Retirement

We offer personal and practical life planning so you can figure things out and plan for the future.

“My focus is on promoting your health and wellbeing, and helping you live a productive and happy life for  as long as you can. I’m a baby boomer too, I want to be able to make my own decisions, be healthy and well, feel happy, and do the things that are important to me. I can help you create a plan to be excited about, so you can be happy, vibrant and contented in this part of your life”.

I do this by planning with you, setting realistic goals and pre-empting issues before they become critical and turn into a mess. Sometimes life changing decisions at this stage in life are enormous and overwhelming, and most people need support to navigate the system at this time.  I help you figure out your life goals and values through meaningful conversations, helping you or your family make a plan for the future, while considering any life limiting health conditions that might be impacting your life.

My approach is very practical after decades of working as a registered nurse. I understand the health and aged care system, and the link between the enhancing health and well being.

Services are available through phone, Telehealth and face to face.
Free initial consultation by phone. 

If you feel you are looking for specialised support, I can refer you to a colleague who is a specialist in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching and counselling.

John McColl can help you to train your brain to  quit smoking, control alcohol, manage insomnia, manage weight, and assist with relationship counselling, stress management, anxiety and depression.

IVA Garden Retirement

Aged care advice and practical planning.

I provide practical planning, education and advice on navigating the aged care system.

I can assist with organising services and documents.

I can assist to simply advance care planning.


Services are available through phone, Telehealth and face to face.
Free initial consultation per phone.


IVA Garden Retirement

End of life doula services.

I help to identify, guide, and coordinate services for people who have a life limiting diagnosis in any care setting. i.e. Home, Hospital or Residential Care, providing emotional support before, during and after death.

I advocate for individuals and provide support to families and loved ones so everyone is aware of available options, creating the power of choice.

I support you to live your life consistent with your values, needs and preferences, and are able to coordinate medical, hospital and nursing services and all aspects of care provision as care needs change.

Services are available through phone, Telehealth and face to face.
Free initial consultation per phone.